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One morning we set out on our quest to find something  to photograph. We came across a doe that had tried to jump a fence during the night and got her leg caught. She was pretty beat but up still alive. Now how to get her out without cutting the ranchers fence. We used a lug wrench and a board found on the road to work her leg out of the wire and then pulled her away from the fence. She didn't get up and run, so we hoped she would just need a moment to recover. Her breathing looked better and she was moving her eyes more, as I patted her shoulder I felt good about helping this unfortunate deer. We left her only to come back a couple hours later to find her dead someone put her out of her misery. I was disappointed but this may have been for the best. At least her last hour on this earth wasn't spent with one leg snared in a fence. So off we go, next stop a 3 point mule deer, He was worthy of a picture. As I photographed  the buck Allen tried to hike around for a better angle. I think when he got close and the deer new something was up so they started to move. All the sudden we were looking at 7 to 8 bucks. And a big 4 point who had stayed hidden at first but was now up and moving. And even when he got up he used the brush and the other deer as a blind between us. He was smart! A classic example of glassing every bush looking for an ear, antler or white spot. In picture 1. you can see him start to get up.                                                    By: David Saltern


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